mining local content

Drive local industry’s participation & development within the mining, oil and gas sectors through supportive and coordinated top-down and bottom-up policies & initiatives.

Bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies

Bi-lateral and multi-lateral aid programs are increasingly focused on supporting deep and sustainable economic activity (business and jobs) within emerging markets. Mining, oil & gas are significant & emerging industries in many of these markets. 
Hosting governments in emerging markets need to finely balance the creation & maintenance of an attractive investment climate, alongside ensuring foreign investment creates a depth of economic benefit that goes beyond revenue to national coffers and jobs creation. Governments  need to include policy, investor engagement and supports that drive local industry participation within these industries’ goods & service supply chains at every stage in their life cycle (pre project, during project construction, and into long term operations).
With our international expertise, we can assist government agencies directly and via donor programs to address this topic, in a manner that resonates with both foreign investors and local industry stakeholders.

managing contractors


Our expertise is of course also applicable within current and future programs and projects being delivered by managing contractors. We can assist these organisations in design, tendering and delivery. DFAT (Australian Aid) contractors have the added benefit of accessing our expertise in relation to compliance with the Commonwealth’s Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP).

Blue Sky ED will help you nail it.


The timing of assistance from Blue Sky ED was critical for our business. We were preparing a tender with an important client which required a section detailing our approach to Indigenous Participation.

John’s expertise allowed us to not only comply with the requirements, but to exceed them with no noteworthy pricing implications, which all contributed to us winning the contract.

The added bonus with Blue Sky ED’s full-service approach is that we are now able to embed new policy and procedures at a corporate level, which will improve our overall approach to Indigenous Participation into the future.”