A positive Native Title Determination isn’t the end point. It’s another beginning.

Is a Native Title Determination the end game for a Traditional Owner group?

Some might think so, but we and these groups know better.


It’s time to turn Native Title Prescribed Body Corporates (PBC) across the country into a growth engines


It’s time to develop and share their vision and strategy across a growing internal membership, across the wider community and across every industry sector which has activity on traditional land and water.


It’s time to build a great future and a brand-new era where mobs are being engaged, where they are sitting at many tables, and where they are being consulted with and involved in the creation of jobs and business.



But many groups and PBCs will need help. Many group’s members, elders and directors often live far and wide. Resources and technical know-how can be thin on the ground. The PBC sector is still young and finding its feet. But it will always exist, it has no choice but to succeed, and it has so much to offer Australia’s economy and society.

We show groups the levers to engage within your mob, across all industries and with government. We will sit at the table with you, lobby and advocate for you. We will develop and mentor people in key operational roles, and we will hold all that have an internal responsibility to account.

There are steps that need to happen, like strategic planning, feasibility studies, business plans and communication strategies.

Blue Sky ED will take you through these steps. We’ll use your group’s ideas, capture your economic, social and cultural drivers and make sure everyone is clear and accountable. When we’re finished, you’ll be in the driver’s seat and underway.We would be honoured to be invited on country to help groups achieve these things.

There are enormous opportunities ahead for Indigenous groups across the country. Let’s make them happen.


Indigenous enterprise

More than 50% of start-ups fail within the first few years. Don’t become a statistic.

Are you interested in starting an enterprise or managing one better? Lots of small businesses fail in the first few years because the owners didn’t plan or market them properly.

Indigenous enterprises can have additional challenges sometimes too. There are a lot of propositions and pressures coming your way. Partnerships, joint ventures, community and family to name a few.
We’ll work with your organisation to make sure you’re well set to maximise outcomes and manage your risks.

We’ll help you build strong foundations so you can grow.