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Indigenous Engagement & Participation

It's time to take your business to the next level.

The biggest priority and challenge you have in your business right now is keeping a steady stream of clients and projects in the pipeline.


Perhaps you are one of the lucky one with a healthy pipeline and you are now looking to expand. Either way, your business has always needed to develop and maintain its niche, and you have spent years focusing on being good at what you do and doing it as efficiently for clients as possible, improving their bottom line, and yours. You know your strengths and how to maximize them, and this is exactly what your competition is focussing on every day too.


What you (and your competition) will be less clear and confident about is an emerging trend cutting across industries that you need to come to grips with quickly. This trend is becoming so fundamental to EQIs, prequalifying, compliant tenders and contract delivery that it needs to become fundamental within your business, not a side issue that you plug on a case to case basis

Indigenous Engagement and Participation is the new Fundamental.

Through law and corporate social license it has been evolving in the mining sector for several decades. Now it is spreading across numerous other sector, again via the transaction of law and social license, but more importantly dut to new and increasingly prescriptive procurement policies.

Don't let your business get left behind

What these policies take into account is that the vast bulk of Australian business like yours are non-indigenous owned. The policies are therefore designed to see your organization demonstrate a solid business practice in relation to indigenous content in your business activities (jobs and sourced goods and services).

Particularly if you are in the sectors of mining or government, or looking to head in these directions, this course is very important to you.


Having worked in the big end of town on these topics for many years, we appreciate that many Australian business are not of the scale to consider spending thousands of dollars a week engaging us directly to design and implement this new fundamental within your business.

Similarly the time and cost for us to develope and market a swanky workshop in the city with lots of attendees is not our best interests of yours.

Right now you need this course to get your thought processes on track and to be able to start a conversation within your business, with a solid roadmap to guide you.

Start winning contracts for your business

Level the playing field. Compete with the big guys.

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