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All levels of government are playing a role in the Indigenous reform agenda, but although the corner has been turned there is still a long way to travel.

Government and Indigenous leaders recognise the need to be innovate, engage better, reduce costs and achieve better outcomes. This can’t happen without inclusive Indigenous economic development. That means building capacity and capability in several areas, including:
  • Indigenous enterprise development and participation within private and government sector industries; and
  • A special focus on Traditional Owner groups and the economic leveraging of their Native Title.

The potential benefits – for all Australians – are huge.

As Deloitte Access Economics puts it:


When the circumstances of Indigenous Australians improve to match those of the Australian average, by 2031 governments across Australia will experience a net gain of $11.9 billion.

    This reflects:

  • a $7.2 billion increase in revenues associated with the broadened tax base created by a larger economy; and
  • $4.7 billion reduction in expenditure due to lower costs in areas such as health and social security, due to greater well-being and affluence among Indigenous Australians.
We specialise in market-led initiatives. In other words, we don’t simply focus on responding to government tenders but on providing agencies with proposals that we know are needed.

We help you fast track exceptional delivery under your existing policy and programs. In fact, our proposals and delivery will inform your over-arching policies and strategic planning.


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