It’s time for a quantum shift.

Why Blue Sky ED?

There’s a shift occurring in the Australian economy and broader society. I’ve been in this space for twenty years and I’ve seen and been part of it. Our economy is maturing. It needs, and benefits from, strong Indigenous engagement and participation across all industry sectors. This shouldn’t be viewed from a deficit viewpoint. These changes are about increased awareness, understanding, innovation, opportunity, abundance, and social licence. And for the smarter non-indigenous businesses that make up the vast bulk of our economy, best practice will provide a significant point of difference with their competitors, clients and communities. If there is any deficit, it lies within historic and many areas of current policy and practice. Indigenous-related social costs are being carried in the minds and back pockets of every Australian, financially to the tune of $10 billion every year, and many other measurements which are harder to quantify. And the limited return on investment we hear of frequently in the media is a real concern. It’s time for a quantum shift. That’s why I started Blue Sky ED.



Blue Sky ED has grown out of my experience working across multiple sectors, including exploration, oil & gas, aid and development, government, export industry development and tourism.

I’ve worked with many cultures and industries aside from in Australia, within South-east Asia, the South Pacific, and Africa. This brings unique insights and means BlueSkyED can service a broad spectrum of enterprises and organisations. We’re not confined to a single link in the chain.

I learnt to think laterally at an early age. As a graduate with Rio Tinto I had to quickly find my feet in a communist country that was predominantly Buddhist with the company’s tenement overlapping animist ethnic groups. You get the picture.

There is a continuous thread through my career – I’ve always enjoyed helping people in tangible ways that lead to economic activity and sustainable communities, along with helping industry to get their social licence right and win benefits through smart local sourcing. It gives me a buzz to see individuals and organisations benefit from my input. I’m especially committed to Indigenous participation and grassroots economic development thanks to the start of my career with Rio Tinto.

I’m a handy educator and trainer and have done this in a wide range of forums: industry workshops, multi-sector committees, foreign government briefings and conferences in Australia and overseas.


eLearning is my next target. This will cut down on delivery costs, time and travel for a wide range of participants. Contact us and find out how your organisation or industry could have tailored eLearning delivered to 1 or a thousand participants within a few weeks.