Increasingly Australian industry proponents are seeking solid outcomes in Indigenous Participation. This is not from a welfare mindset. This is a societal shift which is influencing the highly strategic topics of Corporate Social Responsibility, Law, and Procurement Policy. There is every chance that your business until now has viewed Indigenous Participation simply as a compliance topic. That view was OK in the past, but not for tomorrow.

We know how challenging and time consuming making your business the best it can be is for you. Core business aside, every one of your clients has their own standards and compliance that you need to conform with. There are so many priorities for you to consider in your business that it feels like you are spinning plates.

On the increasingly emerging topic of Indigenous Participation, BlueSkyED is here to help you nail it…to exceed compliance…to develop a culture and business credential that you can take to any client, anywhere, and impress them. To the extent that it becomes as integral to your business as your core services. A strong culture underwriting practical policies and procedures.

If your business is in “the big end of town”, these sentiments may resonate with you. But again it is unlikely that your organisation has nailed Indigenous Participation across the organisation, or found the right balance of culture and policy to embed it, or managed to “influence it” down through your supply chain.

Whether large, small or in between, BlueSkyED is your partner in positive change.


Construction Industry Contractor:

“The timing of assistance from BlueSkyED was critical for our business. We were preparing a tender with an important client which required a section detailing our approach to Indigenous Participation. John’s expertise allowed us to not only comply with the requirements, but to exceed them with no noteworthy pricing implications, which all contributed to us winning the contract. The added bonus with BlueSkyED’s full-service approach is that we are now able to embed new policy and procedures at a corporate level, which will improve our overall approach to Indigenous Participation into the future.”