Australia is an ancient country with proven existence of Indigenous occupation and culture for more than 50,000 years. Traditional Owner groups cover Australia. Since 1992 and the introduction of Native Title, more than 30% (and counting) of Australia’s landmass has received positive Determinations, providing increasing recognition, rights and opportunity for Australia’s First People. However for most groups holding Native Title or working towards that end, they are still at a major cross-roads.

Is a Native Title Determination the end-game of your group? Of course not. Many may think this is the case, but you know better and you want to share with and educate them on that point. It is just the beginning. It is time to bring together the Cultural, Social and Economic cogs and drive things in a way that haven’t been seen for a couple of centuries. It is time to create a positive legacy for future generations, and to create a brand new era of understanding and collaboration within Australian society.


But to achieve this takes much work, and requires help. Your group has Elders, emerging Elders, Members and perhaps a Board governing the Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) that looks after the group’s Native Title interests. But many groups have widely dispersed Members, Elders and Board Directors. Many have limited resources and technical capabilities to transition the governance-focus of the PBC into an operationally-focused engine room that connects the cultural – social – economic machinery.

A process needs to occur that includes a Strategic Plan, Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, and a Communication Strategy.

It is time “to go operational”.