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Welcome to country

This is a thought provoking article from Welcome To Country. Aside from the important topic of cultural intellectual property, I believe the term “exploited” is getting outdated, but that does not lessen the issues being faced. The lack of enablers to...

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South-East Queensland Indigenous Tourism Initiative

Following on from a previous post, it was excellent to see 20+ representatives of Traditional Owner groups from across the region attend a full day workshop in Brisbane last week to discuss Tourism. Awesome participation that generated lots of discussion and clarity...

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South East Queensland Indigenous Tourism Initiative

As the Committee Chair and Project Manager, it has been a real pleasure being a part of pulling the Committee together and coordinating the planning and implementation of this initiative, the first of its kind in Queensland. Indeed, the Committee being hosted by a...

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Extinction of Native Title being tested

While my last post on amendments to the Native Title Act and the workings of ILUAs is a big issue, the much bigger elephant in the room right now is a claim in court (in fact I think it has been awarded recently), that could set a massive precedent and chain of events...

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Native Title Act Amendments

Most of my clients and groups that I work with are Traditional Owners. This article is released for their benefit and encouragement, but I hope that government, industry and the general public also have a read. We all know the catalyst (not the root cause) that has...

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Strategic Planning with Boonthamurra Traditional Owner Group

A big and privileged 2 days over the weekend facilitating a Strategic Action Plan workshop with the Board of a Traditional Owner group PBC in South West Queensland. Helping them to shift gears and create their place in the regional economy, whilst also protecting and...

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