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Pioneering Indigenous Economic Participation & Development eCourses across Australia.

Driving Indigenous Participation best-practice across industry.

Working with Indigenous groups to leverage their Native Title into long term economic, cultural and social benefits.

Providing Indigenous economic strategies and project management within government.

BlueskyED has three interlinked service areas:


Struggling to understand and address Indigenous Engagement & Participation in a comprehensive and best-practice manner. Unfamiliar with the world of Traditional Ownership. Wanting to make these topics a core theme of Corporate Social Responsibility, and a strong point of delivery with clients and key stakeholders.

Indigenous Groups & Enterprise-old

Traditional Owners searching for economic, social and cultural balance amongst the mob; increasingly recognised within law, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and procurement policy; emerging entrepreneurs developing their niche within industries.


Establishment of law, agencies, policy and programs to support Indigenous rights, reform and economic development; calling on industry to play a major role.